We are committed to slowing COVID 19 Down!

As we acknowledge disruption in the face of the COVID-19 virus, we embrace our collective responsibility in mitigating the speed and extent of the potential spread. To allow us to focus on #materialisingtomorrow, we believe we need an agile response to the challenges of today.

We pledge the following.

• To curb the spread: through safe hygiene practices, and social distancing measures
• To remain human-centered: by protecting the vulnerable and offering assistance where needed to overcome the challenges
• To keep focused: by being proactive and sharing factual information to counter voices of panic
• To empower people and continued delivery through systems that facilitate de-centralised ways of working
• To remain fully operational to support our clients, fellow consultants and the country’s economy through adapted working practices in these challenging times

Our operational practices have been adjusted with the following precautions:

• All of our six regional offices remain open for business. However, some of our staff may be working remotely. We recommend that you contact our team members via email or cellphone.
• We have discouraged in-contact meetings for staff and promote a temporary shift to digital engagement ( platforms such as Zoom, 3CX, Skype and videoconferencing will be widely used )
• Where necessary, we are available for select essential meetings, but have implemented new stringent hygiene practices for our offices and boardroom facilities
• The digital systems we already have in place support a fluid transition to remote working. Cloud-based systems such as BIM-360 and other remote-working tools allow us to continue with collaborative design and production.
• We have regrettably restricted all AIR travel for business to safeguard our people and our professional community.
• We will continue to support projects on site, but will also strive for more digital and remote ways of engaging with the teams involved.

We appreciate your ongoing support in our mitigation efforts. We wish to reiterate our commitment to the needs of our clients, colleagues and our projects. We believe that, through our collective efforts, we can make a positive impact navigating the times ahead. We have confidence in the resilience of Boogertman + Partners and our capabilities to support both a full range of services, as well as the health and wellbeing of our staff, clients and colleagues.

For any further support, please feel free to contact the Boogertman + Partners Directors attending to your projects.

Frits Schuite
for and on behalf of Boogertman + Partners