Boogertman+Partners hosted the Green Building Council South Africa (GBCSA) and Solid Green Consulting for a walkthrough of the new Johannesburg offices before receiving plaques for the Green Star New Build Certification for Block C at The Main Straight, Bryanston in addition to a Green Star Interiors Certification for the interior fit out of their office space

"It is fitting that ten years after being a founding member of the Green Building Council South Africa we are in our building that has received a 4 Star Green Star Rating for the Building and also a 5 Star Green Star Rating for Interiors.” Bob van Bebber (Director at Boogertman+Partners) Boogertman+Partners has 26 projects that are Green Star rated by GBCSA. From 4 Star ratings which reflect Best Practice (a score of 45 points or more) 5 Star ratings which reflect Excellence (a score of 60 points or more) right up to the more challenging to achieve, 6 Star rating which demonstrates World Leadership (a score of 75 points or more) which was awarded to the Department of Environmental Affairs head office building in Tshwane.

Quintus Van Eck (Director at Boogertman+Partners) notes that “working with green consultants Solid Green our design team, Smita Waghmaere, and Ayande Mkize invested a great deal of energy ensuring that the interiors design and build would achieve a high Green Star rating. From recycling policies to increased mobility of staff and re-purposing of space down to the sustainability of materials used in the furniture design. It is important that the design principles we follow respond to the urgency of climate change." According to Grahame Cruickshanks (the GBCSA’s Managing Executive: Market Engagement) achieving high ratings in interiors is growing yet not many projects have realised a 5-Star rating. The Boogertman+Partners Johannesburg office joins some of its leading projects such as the Google Johannesburg Head Office, in demonstrating global leadership in interior green design principles.