Box Office is a modular home office unit designed to fit the South African ‘work from home’ context. It is a response to what the architecture practice Boogertman + Partners see as a growing pressure in the market to find a dedicated space to work productively and comfortably from home.

“The idea is to provide a flexible solution that creates a quiet and welcoming workspace that fits into all types of home spaces.” Says Greg Reid, Associate Director at Boogertman + Partners, “For many homeowners or families renting townhouses or duplexes there isn’t enough space to have two family members enjoying the comfort of a study. “ The unit can be flat packed and assembled inside a large internal living area, or it can fit into a garden corner, verandah or in a parking bay in a residential complex.

The Box Office units come in three different models, one that is fitted for indoor use and two that are weatherproofed with increased levels of acoustic and thermal comfort insulation for use outdoors.

“As we adapt to the hybrid model of splitting ‘working from home’ time with ‘travelling into the office’ we wanted to provide a solution that promotes comfort and productivity at an affordable price. If you consider the saving on travel, possible tax rebates and potential corporate subsidies for Box Office, the cost of the unit broken down on a monthly finance plan makes Box Office affordable. For people renting but looking for workspace solutions, Box Office is a moveable asset.

“As part of our Design the Future innovation response to COVID19 we have looked for practical solutions that can scale to our changing environment, “ says Greg. “Box Office works for a teenager needing a gaming room or a study unit for exams, and its flexibility is its opportunity. The practice is also exploring how Box Office extends beyond home use when you combine units. “Smaller players in the hospitality industry could offer hygienic, safe work units for business travellers and local retailers looking to fill empty spaces could offer shared workspace hubs. The opportunity for the idea will grow in the market as people find new uses for Box Office. It is exciting and demonstrates the power of architectural design to work at different, much-needed levels, as we work together to build the business of the new normal.”