We are thrilled to announce that Boogertman + Partners has been selected as a Finalist to present the project, One Cap1tal, at the World Architecture Festival in Singapore.

The client came to us with a request to create a unique and exceptional structure. As a passionate art collector, he envisioned an office that would serve as both a fully functional workspace and a part-time art gallery on weekends and evenings. Instead of being confined to his work during the day, he desired to spend his time introducing visitors to his collection. To bring his artistic vision to life, we considered the idea of designing a building that would resemble a sculpture. Our inspiration stemmed from the captivating wooden sculpture by Brian Willsher, which explores the concept of interconnected yet distinct objects that harmoniously intertwine or counterbalance each other. The result was truly remarkable, with breathtaking three-dimensional spaces taking shape. This intriguing exploration prompted us to contemplate the possibility of merging art and architecture in a pioneering venture.

Our vision for the building is to transform it into a sculptural object that serves as a captivating public space. As guests and visitors move through the building, they will be mesmerized by the intricate geometry juxtaposed against the breathtaking views. The most essential areas are situated in the eastern wing to optimize functionality. This wing is designed to be tranquil, private, secure, and discreet, with a column-free layout. These two elements—the sculptural object and the eastern wing—are intentionally contrasted. Approaching the building from various angles, one is immediately struck by its presence above the Illovo ridge. If arriving by car, the Porte-cochere becomes the designated drop-off point. For those requiring parking, a guided descent down the ramp, with its cantilevered roof clad in matching materials, leads to an underground parking area. The spacious reception area, physically connected to the main reception via escalators and visually connected through openings in the slabs, provides a transformative experience.

The main reception area is an enclosed space with a deliberate slot offering views to the sky but not to the horizon. Easy access to lift cores for general and private use is readily available from both reception levels. The main lift and service core act as the boundary between private and public areas throughout the building. Moving from the ground floor reception, visitors are guided to level one via conveniently located escalators, leading to the pre-assembly level before accessing the main auditorium on levels 2 and 3. The pre-assembly lobby features a lobby bar and barista area nestled beneath the double-volume 150-seater auditorium above, offering elevated views. Escalators continue to transport people to the auditorium access level and further up to the upper-level access. On these levels, hidden behind discreet areas in the lift shaft, an art gallery showcases larger works in a double-volume space. The remainder of the building's program includes meeting rooms, sleeping pods, private apartments, and dining pods.

Client One Capital Advisory