Rooted in climate and culture
A smaller retail centre catering to the convenience needs of the local community, Achimota Retail Centre is the first open-air retail space in Accra, making it distinct in design while designed with its unique location, climate, and culture in mind. Open air corridors lined with trees reflect the surrounding landscapes and embrace the congenial climate, delivering an enjoyable and refreshing environment. Environmentally friendly and energy efficient, the trees act as natural air conditioning, cooling the passageways and providing basic shading and cover.

Further sustainable features such as grey water harvesting, environmentally conscious landscaping and a smart building management system facilitate upkeep and maintenance.

Reflective of the Garden City’s trees and greenery, Achimota Retail Centre’s leaf motif is carried through into the paving, fountain, and other features, while the wooden timber cladding and roof trusses transform the space into a modern tree-lined avenue.

A single level retail centre, with ample covered and open parking adds to its convenience, providing easy access to covered passageways which curve around the building, drawing visitors in from one end through to the other. Home to over 40 retail, fashion, electronics and lifestyle shops, restaurants and food courts. Achimota Retail Centre offers over 14 000sqm of retail space.

Opened towards the end of 2015, Achimota Retail Centre was the first shopping centre in Ghana to have a traditional ‘chop bar’, offering local delicacies in a modern mall environment. The ‘chop bar’ is a formalisation of the Ghanaian local street fare served throughout the city.

Developer Atterbury Properties Pty Ltd
Partner Architect Multicad
Projet Manager GHC Africa
Structure & Civil Engineer BSM Baker
Landscape Architect Insite Landscape Architects
Quantity Surveyor Del QS
Completed 2015
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