From Tokyo to Moscow, Rome and Johannesburg, is located in the best cities around the globe with 197 offices in over 70 countries. Like all their branches, the Johannesburg office not only provides a home for their commercial team, it is also a place where meetings and workshops with hoteliers are held. Incorporating this into the design the interiors are multi-dimensional, integrating sixteen workspaces alongside meeting areas, engagement hubs and relaxation zones. Distinctly South African in every way, the interior design merges colours, textures and patterns into a cohesive, vibrant, rainbow nation experience.

The urban context is integral to the design of the office space, providing employees with an authentic sense of place, dotted with sections that are playful, vibrant and engaging.

Vibrant and pulsating

Merging the inside and outside, creativity and craftsmanship celebrate the innovative, dynamic company culture, providing an inspiring experience for both employees and visitors. Briefed to create a miniature city feel local arts and crafts adorn the space, highlighting every aspect of what you'll discover in the city of gold – including beaded wildlife lighting, bespoke wire chairs, the unmistakable local taxi, pockets of green spaces and iconic city landscapes.