Creativity is king.
Located in one of the most sought-after office park's in Pretoria, with no available office space to expand into, King Price Insurance had no other option but to add an additional level to the building to accommodate their exponential growth. Dedicated to the executives, the look and feel of a New York Penthouse inspired the use of a neutral, natural colour scheme with exposed raw materials uniting the space. Pops of colour and cool artwork added a creative edge. The level included a large entertainment area with bar, coffee shop and open-air firepit.

Creativity and innovation break down the boundaries of work and play, creating an environment that was engaging, lively and uniquely King Price.

During construction, more space became available in the building, catering to the company's continued growth. To create a balance between the bold, vibrant, colourful design of the existing office and the cool chic look of the new executive loft area, we brought in an industrial vintage feel punctuated by fun playful elements. Lego bricks made up a bright and colourful workbench, while walkways were replaced with resin racetracks, which staff zipped around on hoverboards. With the removal of walls between the existing and new space, boardroom space was relocated to the top floor deck, with two new boardrooms added, surrounded by a desert garden, and accessible from both the inside and outside.

Client King Price