A competition design proposal for a new Passenger Terminal Building at Maun International Airport to support the growing tourism industry sector in the Ngamiland District, Botswana. The landmark building and world-class facilities will accommodate increased passenger traffic, including many smaller aircraft charters while economically benefitting the local Maun community.

The word Maun is derived from the Seyei word ‘maung’ which translates ‘the place of river reeds’. The role of the Okavango Delta, a UNESCO world heritage site and wildlife sanctuary is the design catalyst for the terminal building. A sequence of designated activity ‘islands’ are connected by the flow of passengers and support services that journey through the terminals. In much the same way that the Okavango Delta swamps accommodate seasonal swells of water and animal migration in the landscape.

The structure of the main roof is divided into two separate elements that are reminiscent of two adjacent trees ‘canopies’. The ‘canopies’ are supported by a column shape that reminds of the trunk of a tree.

While the two elements of the roof have been informed by trees as a canopy and shelter, the shape of the ceiling reminds of the flowing nature of water between the ‘islands’ The different sloping ‘canopies allow for filtered light to enter the space and highlights the undulating ceiling to become one of the main principles and defining features of the design. Integration of the terminal into its surrounding landscape by means of textural differences in the exterior paving, bermed landscaping islands and bioswales references the heritage of basketry and weaving in the region. This is continued in the patterning of the architectural screens that define the Islands exterior.

Client Civil Aviation Authority Botswana
Proposal Date 2019