Forward thinking, future forward.
The Steyn City School Precinct was imagined in its complete form as part of the Steyn City Masterplan. The first phase of the school precinct is complete and includes a Pre-school Early Learning Centre, primary school, 600-seater School Hall, Multi-media Centre, extensive sports facilities and an Aquatic Centre. The second phase includes a Secondary School with further facilities and amenities. Taking its cue from the arrangement of old university colleges around cloisters, as a means of drawing the natural landscape further into the scheme, the School Precinct’s architecture is a reinterpretation of traditional colonnades and quadrant typology. This design decision was informed by research into the benefits of natural views and connections to the outdoors on pupils' mental health and concentration.

The classroom blocks flow out into heavily planted courtyard spaces with play zones, seating areas and drinking fountains, all of which encourage social interaction and integration.

The courtyards also create safe, age-relevant spaces while forming a green spine between classroom blocks creating a natural flow from one space to another. Light and airy, the classrooms are designed with glass sliding doors opening out onto large covered balconies or planted courtyards that capture natural light and maximise the surrounding outdoor views. Walkway windows are set at a higher level, providing privacy while making the best use of natural light and ventilation.

The Hive Media Centre is a double volume space with high exposed timber trusses, with bean bags, long tables and outdoor covered balconies offering further learning spaces overlooking the sports fields and forested estate.

Moving away from the typical classroom block approach, the schools’ buildings are designed in a cluster, varying in height to create the appearance of houses that seamlessly integrate into the estate’s natural surroundings.

The schools’ double volume sandstone clad entrance focuses on the distant views of the quadrant, fields and ceremonial bells. Careful consideration has been given to the arrival and departure of students, parents and staff, both in terms of traffic flow and parking. The glass bridge linking the two administration areas creates a safe threshold through which all people must pass. Conveniently located just off the entrance is the School Reception, which is reminiscent of a smart hotel lobby with great lighting and seating. The School Hall Pre-function doubles up as a Tuck Shop, Coffee Shop and hot lunch Canteen for the children. The 600-seater school hall with projection room, and back stage facilities sits at the centre of the school.

Geometrical shapes are used throughout the interiors, integrating and weaving the school’s brand identity into the fabric of the building.

The Schools’ sporting facilities and amenities are extensive with multiple fields, courts, cricket ovals and nets, an Aquatic Centre with swimming pools for all ages and a Sports Pavilion. All of these facilities play into Steyn City’s core design principle of providing a health active outdoor lifestyle. Contemporary, modern and future-forward, Steyn City School Precinct is designed to create a healthy environment that promotes learning and play, engaging smart minds and growing strong bodies.

Appointment 2014
Area Midrand
Developer Steyn City Properties
Architect Consortium SCAD - Boogertman+Partners, Nsika, DBM
Phase 1 7 754sqm
Phase 2 6 449sqm
Aquatic Centre 2 500sqm
Photographer Studio 88