Construction has begun for WAICA Reinsurance Corporation West Africa Regional Office. The project is expected to be completed in 18 months and is set to become one of the most striking buildings in Accra’s rising skyline and will stand as a testament to architectural innovation and modernity, complementing the dynamic growth of Accra's urban landscape.

The office is located in the Airport Residential area, one of the most prestigious business districts in the country’s capital city.

The location strategically positions WAICA Reinsurance Corporation at the heart of Accra’s commercial activity, facilitating enhanced accessibility and engagement with clients , partners and stakeholders.

The Building Screen

WAICA Re is an organization founded and based in West Africa, with a primary mission to extend its services beyond regional boundaries. With established operations in both Zimbabwe and Kenya, it is evident that WAICA Re's ambitions reach far beyond these horizons. In response to this broader vision, our architectural design approach aims to embrace a more extensive geographical scope, possibly encompassing the entire African continent.

While our identity is deeply rooted in African culture, a unifying element that binds us is our profound appreciation for colour and its integration into our daily lives and the spaces we inhabit. Our architectural concept seeks to capture the vibrancy of African culture, its people, and the diverse array of colours without being exclusively tied to any particular culture or location. To achieve this, we draw inspiration from national iconography, indigenous fabrics, intricate patterns, local wildlife, and flora.

The design concept of WAICA Re’s building skin draws inspiration from the vibrancy of African culture, including colours, iconography, fabrics, patterns, fauna, and flora. The building is enveloped in a striking and purposeful facade, which serves as both a decorative element and a functional screen.

The office levels of the building are thoughtfully addressed through the application of a sophisticated glazed façade that maximises natural daylight. This thermally efficient curtain wall is screened with vertical fins on the eastern and western facades to mitigate the impact of direct sunlight. In the central atrium, the public environment is celebrated with a rich tapestry of colour and patterns. An atrium space visually connects the various office levels, creating a space for social interactions. Landscaped terraces at the fifth and ninth floor create recreation spaces that further enhance the connection from interior to exterior. The terraces extend the event space of the 200 seater auditorium and conference facilities which are located on the fifth floor.

A giant roof canopy, consisting of photovoltaic panels installed on a steel roof structure crowns the building, marking the buildings presence on the skyline.

Inside, the interiors seamlessly blend corporate aesthetics with a vibrant mix of colours and textures, creating a workspace that fosters productivity. We have created an environment where both staff and visitors can enjoy a harmonious blend of office and home-like atmospheres, enriched by a third space designed to promote collaboration, interaction, creativity, and social engagement, ultimately contributing to the well-being of our staff and the organization as a whole.

Architects Boogertman + Partners
Completion Feb 2025
Local Architects MultiCAD
Contractor M & Souza Construction
Client Representative Arch-Portfolio
Façade Consultant Sutherland Engineers & Boogertman + Partners
Project management Origin International
Quantity surveyor RLB
Structural & Civil Engineer BSM Baker & Rizzle Consult
Electrical Engineer CKR Consulting Engineers & Unique Josap Engineering
Mechanical Engineer Q-MECH Consulting Engineers & MultiCAD
Fire control Engineer Sefya Solutions & MultiCAD
Acoustic Engineer LinSpace
Wet Services Engineer WF-P & MultiCAD
Interior Design Boogertman + Partners
Landscape Design Boogertman + Partners
Lift Consultants Solutions For Elevating
Sustainability Consultant Solid Green Consulting
Environment, Health & Safety MBA Consulting