Retrofit Winners for 2022 at the GIFA Herbert Prins Colosseum

Light, lines and simplicity define the outcome of the BMW (South Africa) Pty Ltd. Head Office refurbishment. Originally designed by Hans Hallen, this architecturally iconic building has been modernised to reflect BMW’s corporate identity (defined in the NEUE ARBEITSWELTEN – new working environment), and to embrace South African energy efficiency and sustainability principles to achieve a Green Building Council Built 5 Star rating. Minimum intervention to the outer façade of this circular building ensured retaining its elegant, modern, dark brick appeal only seen from the adjacent highway. In stark contrast, the inner façade was stripped and extended into the newly landscaped courtyard with increased comfort in the internal spaces through greater visual connection to the courtyard, efficiency of the circulation space and transmission of natural light via a fully glazed façade. The transparency of this facade and the seamless indoor-outdoor flow was made possible by the dynamic use of solar tracking louvres. Optimisation of the building envelope and the notion of transparency are further complemented by the design of an adaptive interior space.