The skylight is an impressive 29m long x 13m wide above a promotional court that is 50m long, 36m wide and 24m high.

The Association of Steel Tube and Pipe Manufacturers of South Africa’s Tubular category was won by the structure Fourways Mall Promotions Court. As part of the upgrade of the Fourways Mall, the new roof is essentially a tubular structure, which is lightweight and aesthetically very pleasing. The fabrication process required several fabrication jigs to be made up to accommodate the roof design for the project. The roof was built on the ground level and erected on temporary roof support steelwork. tubular sections were rolled into various radii and the cross bracing was individually profiled cut to allow a stub-on connection to the main truss struts. The challenges faced during erection involved fitting a new roof onto the temporary structure and accuracy of fabrication & erection was of the essence.

We are honoured to have won in a year that saw an increase of entries into these awards and thank CADCON (Pty) Ltd for the nomination and our clients Azrapart(Pty) Ltd for the opportunity.