Sheer working pleasure
Boogertman + Partners were commissioned to transform BMW South Africa's existing storage warehouse and training centre into a connected Campus with training facilities, offices and a showroom. The existing training centre was redesigned into a Welcome Centre incorporating shared staff facilities such as a Brand Centre, restaurant and gym. The creation of a green lung or landscaped pedestrial route connected the new Training Centre (old warehouse) to the Campus Welcome Centre (old training facility). Crisscrossing bridges link the offices to the Campus, which in turn connects to the iconic round head office.

The green lung dissolves the double glazed façade of the warehouse refurbishment at the atrium courtyard – a planted space ideal for gatherings and launches.

Integrated. Agile. Flexible
A modular approach to the office design was adopted to embrace and facilitate ongoing expansion. Each office module or POD is self contained and designed with an agile approach to support BMW’s flexiwork policies. An acoustically treated spine separates the quiet north facing open plan work zones, from the south facing collaboration zones. The spine performs the task of insulating noisy activities such as meetings and telephone calls, as well as addressing common activities such as printing or engaging with colleagues for a coffee at the pause area. Mirrored around the atrium courtyard, the office pods have full external views and natural light on the northern façade. The southern atriums have a canopy of skylights which bring in natural light and are fitted with timber amphitheatres – features which promote movement between floors and open areas for large presentations.

Accommodating unique training specification. Technically sophisticated, The new Training Centre is primarily functional – performing to tight BMW stipulations, dimensional specifications and requirements. Each module of training requires a technical space for practical instruction and a classroom for lecturing – these rooms located on the ground floor are configured to requirements outlined by the training staff. The upper level is allocated to non-technical training such as lecturing, as well as offices for staff. Aesthetically, the intent was to acknowledge the transformation of the warehouse into a more habitable office and training environment – a change of function brought a new identity, which embraced the industrial aesthetic seamlessly and with ease.

Appointment 2016
Developer BMW South Africa
Completion 2019
Area 12 513sqm
Acoustic Consultant Linspace
Electrical Engineer Quad Africa Consulting Engineers
Fire COnsultant Chimera Fire Consultants
Landscape Architect African Environmental Design
Mechanical Engineer Spoormaker and Partners
Structural Engineer Fortem Consulting Engineers
Wet Services Engineer Izazi Consulting Engineers
Photography Adam Letch Photography