The Eswatini environment boasts undulating hills and lush, gentle borders. The building itself takes inspiration from the surrounding landscape, adopting a seamless architectural approach that gives rise to distinctive towers. In this design, we incorporate nature seamlessly and respond to the presence of the adjacent Riverfront and public park, integrating them into a central restaurant Piazza that serves as the heart of the development. This dynamic space coexists with ground-floor retail, infusing the area with a lively streetscape and vibrant energy, acting as a catalyst for the rejuvenation of neighbouring buildings and enhancing the overall urban appeal. This creates a culturally rich and pedestrian-friendly streetscape, while above, residential apartments cater to the needs of Eswatini residents.

This proposal's location is situated on the outskirts of the Central Business District, surrounded primarily by low-density industrial neighbourhoods. The local council has envisioned a revitalization plan for this area, aiming to transform it into a vibrant cultural precinct for the city. The nearby riverfront plays a pivotal role as a green spine, connecting to other natural elements in the vicinity. The overarching vision is to establish a new development that elevates the urban experience offered by the City of Mbabane.

The apartments above provide Eswatini residents with a benchmark in urban living, presenting modern apartments equipped with all the essential amenities. These living spaces are complemented by a hotel and a public service building, all working together to establish a new and iconic mixed-use development for the city of Mbabane.

The developer has successfully established several destinations within Eswatini such as a high-end shopping and living destination, accompanied by a spacious park for the residents' enjoyment. A new shopping centre has been developed, highlighting the transformative impact of an appealing, pedestrian-friendly hub in a traditional industrial zone. In the future, a groundbreaking 30-hectare mixed-use development is in the works at Manzini Arch, aiming to set global standards. Additionally, plans are underway to extend this visionary development to a new site in Mbabane, further enriching the capital city.

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