Nestled in the breath-taking Pilanesberg, within the flagship Sun City Resort, Lefika Villas offer a luxury experience inspired by African History.
Luxury In The Heart Of History: Lefika Villas

The surrounding natural environment served as inspiration for Boogertman + Partners' design of Lefika. Boogertman + Partners used an integrated design approach which allowed for the seamless completion of the project. Each step of the design process was managed by the firm's skilled designers. The interior design and landscape teams from Boogertman + Partners were brought on board early on, while the architecture team oversaw the project. A cross-discipline appointment from the same practice is useful for a project because all teams are accustomed to working well together and have years of combined experience. By doing this, the design and work process becomes cohesive and projects may easily go from conception to completion, saving the client money and time.

Landscape Architecture:

The landscape architecture encapsulates the beauty and character of the existing surrounding environment and has informed the design solution which offers a synergy between the inside and outside. Although the buildings and soft-scapes honour the biophysical and historic environment, a big part of the design acknowledges the location and its local skills and talents.

Natural vegetation envelops the buildings, which creates an illusion of an uninterrupted green blanket sitting on a perforated hill.

Special attention was given to the preservation of existing natural features by arranging the villas around the large trees and rock outcrops found on site.


The minimalistic, yet highly contemporary architecture celebrates the surrounding environment by creating hyper-awareness of the splendour of the mountain views; this is achieved by unveiling the strategically framed views as you enter the unit’s living area.

Lefika Villas comprises of free-standing clusters which are detailed with timeless, simple yet luxurious interiors complemented by materials and textures that give way to unparallel views, allowing the glorious surrounding to take center stage.

The buildings are true to their context in the choice of materials, using stone harvested on-site as one of the main building materials. Passive green design principles were implemented to achieve optimum comfort and energy efficiency within the project. Integration of the architecture with the natural environment is further enhanced by emulating green planted roofs; this is achieved by strategically placing planters on the building edges. The surrounding nature truly becomes the palette of the new development.

Unit orientation, together with thick stone walls and large overhangs create the ideal thermal mass, which reduces heat gain in summer and maximizes heat gain in winter. Large glazed areas allow for ideal natural lighting levels, whilst strategically placed windows ensure effective cross ventilation.

The development includes 48 3-Bedroom villas and 10 4-Bedroom villas as well as a recreational area with a resort pool, family restaurant and kid’s play area.

Interior Architecture:

The interior architecture expresses itself through a collection of materials and textures referencing natural forms. Chosen colour palettes draw inspiration from the fauna and flora found within the landscape.

What this results in, is first and foremost a sanctuary. A place where tranquillity rules, a place where distractions disappear and a place where the mind and body rejuvenate. User experience, luxury and privacy were some of the main driving factors in the design process.

This project is set to be completed in November 2023.

Client Sun International
Proposal 2021
Project Completion 2023