Bankenveld District City (BDC) is a smart, sustainable, inclusive environment that will become the model for mixed-used developments in South Africa. Located between the Woodmead and Marlboro offramp, close to Sandton and with the N3 highway exposure, it is Johannesburg North’s most connected precinct. The proposed development aims to fill a strategic gap in the urban fabric in order to improve the socio-economic condition of this region.

“The vision is a smart, sustainable, inclusive urban environment which has the potential to become a prototype for new urban living in Johannesburg. Through its innovative & flexible urban design framework, the Precinct caters for all aspects of multifaceted living including Residential, Retail, Commercial, Light Industry, and Educational Development.”

The strategic infill development contains specific land use allocations to stimulate street edge activity and complement existing neighbouring land uses. Variety in land use and building typology creates a rich urban environment and accommodates the changing needs of a community. Here are some of the planned functions of the development:

- Mixed use typologies are proposed in central areas and at major intersections within the precincts. High density residential uses increase the livability and night time activity.

- Commercial activities stimulate a city culture by taking advantage of the motorway visibility and transportation accessibility.

- The retail functions accommodate traditional high-street activities and create an interactive street façade interface.

- The residential mix allows for a wider socio-economic appetite and an inclusionary demographic mix.

- The introduction of light commercial uses along the northern and eastern boundary of the site allows for blue collar job opportunities within the development and stimulates the economic sustainability. Institutional uses such as educational facilities and public amenities serve the wider community while recreational facilities ensure a complete mix of uses within the development.

Client Eris Property Group & Calgro M3
Start Date 2023
End Date 2033