The site is located on the Boulevard Triomphal across from the Palais du Peuple (the seat of the National Assembly and Senate in Kinshasa) and is designed to activate the streetscape and to create a walkable, connective experience linking to the Palais du Peuple. A central spine that connects the informal trade and residential areas to this seat of government.

Creating a vibrant mixed use precinct with a unique sense of place.

A raised podium allows for a pedestrianised precinct that is elevated above the areas high water table. The precinct will include commercial office buildings, a hotel, residential spaces, a retail high street, restaurants, coffee shops, a conference facility and a grandstand to allow for a possible event arena. The street level is designed to enhance the informal trading market on the edge of the site and create activation along the surrounding roads. While the precinct encourages pedestrian movement throughout, vehicular access to the podium level is provided in order for the buildings to have a form of ‘street address’.

The landscaped elements soften the precinct and the raised podium and enhance the user experience. Lighter surface finishes are chosen to reflect heat with the planting of lush undergrowth, shrubs and trees to provide shade.

Proposal 2019
Phase 1 45000sqm retail centre, 100 bedroom hotel, grandstand and raised podium
Phase2 Offices