The vision is to support London’s growth by adding homes and places to work along with high quality residential and industrial hubs. The vision for the Bexley Riverside is to create the first dedicated major shared living and working neighbourhood in Europe, creating over 6 million square feet of commercial and industrial space and housing opportunities for up to 1500 new residents.

Bexley’s riverside stretches nine kilometres along the south bank of the Thames between Greenwich and Kent; it is one of the largest underused industrial areas in London and provides one of the most significant development opportunities in the capital. (Teresa O’Neill CBE Leader London Borough of Bexley)

The project will specifically focus on under-utilised industrialised areas to create a neighbourhood that will cover 80 acres of mixed residential, industrial and commercial space. This shared living and working space, termed co-work and co-lived, are becoming a major asset class, drawing investment from primary market investment funds.