NF Towers, Accra, Ghana
This project explores the unique regional opportunities of African towers, addressing the project requirements for a resilient, mixed-use, high-rise building specific to Ghana. The site is located in the coveted area of Accra’s North Ridge, adjacent to an established hotel. The brief dictated a 16-storey multifunctional tower, comprising of 27000sqm construction area. The NF Tower hosts retail, office, conferencing, hotel, restaurant and wellness facilities, as well as a luxurious penthouse. Phase two would see the development of a new 17-storey hotel on the existing adjacent footprint, and the repurposing of NF Tower’s hotel levels to residential apartments.

A project-specific, integrated design approach was developed to reduce the building’s energy demands and maximise the comfort of its occupants. The resultant form of the tower mediates its orientation by twisting 23 degrees as it rises, improving its solar performance by casting a blanket of shade over the predominant glass façade.

The versatility of the modified H-shape typology, combined with the innovative engineering required for the seismic area, delivers column-free internal floor spaces, maximising programme flexibility and optimising the building for future uses.The form, facades and interiors draw inspiration from the local vernacular, providing a contemporary interpretation of the traditional. Reference is made to the curves of Ashanti wood carving, patterning of decorative wall painting cultures, and the famous Kente and Adinkra cloths. The project thus offers a refreshing assessment of current perceptions and norms concerning mixed-use buildings in a uniquely West African socio-political, environmental and cultural context.

Appointment 2016
Developer / Client Micheletti & Co Ltd for GN Bank
Capacity 27 000sqm
Project Manager Micheletti & Co Ltd
Structure Engineer HBS Africa
Quanity Surveyor Micheletti & Co Ltd
Landscape Architect Boogertman and Partners
Interiors Boogertman and Partners